Cecile-Anne Sison

Hello, I’m Cecile, the short Canadian in the office behind the Equipment Checkout Counter. I am in charge of all of the stuff that you may want to borrow from us; consulting with Faculty in regards to what equipment their students may need to complete their multimedia assignments. I spend my time leading lab sections or giving workshops, or creating media for our supported courses. I also hire, manage and train our student staff.

After spending my formative years in Hong Kong and The Philippines, I attended ¬†film school at Northwestern. I was awarded a mentor by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys) so I moved to the City of Angels to work in film. To this day, I do not know how to drive a vehicle so L.A. was not to be, and I came back to the place I loved for their seasons, food and snow. I also got my first taste of the Digital Humanities by¬†photographing and cataloging Buddhist Cave Art for the Mellon International Dunhuang Archive and I’ve been in involved with academia ever since.

I am interested in involving more games, game building, and app usage into pedagogy. I’ve presented about Digital Humanities, gaming in higher education and managing a student staff at UB Tech, CCUMC (Consortium of College and University Media Centers), and TeachX. I will be speaking at Women Advance IT in November 2019. In January 2020 will be a full-stack web developer, hopefully taking these new skills into more game building.

Please contact me with any questions about equipment (either current or for future projects), or if you need help incorporating new technologies into your curriculum.