Upcoming events

Fall 2020 Programming

Due to the the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic, all larger, non-essential in-person gatherings have been postponed until further notice.

Our upcoming programming is centered around the following themes:

  • the power of digital storytelling across various media forms
  • making courses more accessible

Digital Storytelling

Scholarly production has taken many new forms in recent decades. Students and faculty alike have embraced outputs such as podcasts, videos, websites, and games to reimagine the scholastic essay. To boost awareness and proficiency with these forms, the Media and Design Studio is adapting a series of workshops and salon events to a set of virtual meetings and online resources 
Events and Dates: TBA


Northwestern boasts a talented and diverse student body, with many individual learners who have individualized needs. And with these, students sometimes require special accommodations, whether for a specific learning disability, physical limitation, or an unusually demanding schedule, such with student athletes who are frequently away from campus.Events and Dates: TBA