Policy for Kresge 2531, 2533 / Voice Over Recording Suites


  • Authorized users only
    Access to studio spaces in the MADSTUDIO must be explicitly granted to faculty and students by one of the two following means: (a) students: students must be enrolled in a class where a faculty member has requested access on behalf of the students in their class;  (b) faculty must request access for the students in their class. Faculty may also request personal access research or development projects.  The MADSTUDIO will honor requests as resource availability permits.
  • Authorized users must have a Northwestern Wildcard with a chip
    All Wildcards issued since 2016 should be equipped with microchips suitable for use with contactless locks at the University. New or replacement Wildcards can be obtained from the Wildcard Office in either Norris University Center or Abbott Hall on the Chicago campus.
  • Authorized users should use Wildcard readers for access
    All authorized users have 24 hour access to the rooms (and the exterior doors of Kresge Hall). Student workers on duty in Kresge 2510 do not have authorization to let people into the rooms or the building; access/usage is monitored by Wildcard.
  • Allow a minimum of 3 days for access requests to be processed
    Access is granted and managed by the MADSTUDIO together with the Northwestern Lockshop. All potential student users need to be submitted by a faculty member via a class list or roster in advance.  Please allow 3 business days for initial access to be processed.
  • Faculty must notify MADS of add/drop
    Faculty are required to inform the MADSTUDIO if any student drops the class so their access can be promptly revoked. Similarly, faculty must notify the MADSTUDIO of new additions to the class for the student(s) to have access.


  • Reserve in advance
    It is highly recommended that users reserve the room in advance. Faculty are encouraged to tell their students to do so.
  • Maximum use is 2 hours
    Reservation blocks may be a maximum of 2 hours. Should no one be using the room after a reservation, patrons are welcome to stay until the next reservation arrives.
  • Reserve studio time via email
    Reservations may be made via email to mads-circ@northwestern.edu (please expect 1 business day turnaround for confirmation) or in person at the Counter in Kresge 2510 Hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30am-10pm, Friday 8:30am-5pm, Saturday 1pm-5pm, Sunday 1pm-10pm)
  • Priority rules may apply
    Due to higher usage, some patrons may have priority in one of the two Voice-Over rooms. If a user has priority for a room, he or she may overtake (“bump”) a reservation of someone without priority for a future day (there cannot be a bump another user on the same day of the request). Any bumped user will be notified via email of the change. Patrons with priority for a specific room may also make reservations for another room that they do not have priority for, but will be subject to bumping.
  • Consult room schedules
    Daily Scheduled Reservations for the room are posted at closing and can help avoid or mitigate any issues of double booking.


  • Consult posted instructions
    Instructions are posted in each of the rooms.
  • Don’t unplug anything!
    Be safe and considerate of others by not unplugging or reconfiguring any hardware. Student Workers in Kresge 2510 are not trained to re-patch the stations.
  • Ask for help at the lab desk
    Lab Aides in Kresge 2510 can help with basic troubleshooting and are available during the MMLC open hours
  • Report broken equipment immediately
    Please report broken equipment immediately to the student workers at the desk in Kresge 2510 in person if during our regular hours or via email to mmlc-circ@northwestern.edu if during off hours.
  • Faculty training is available
    Faculty may request a training session with Cecile (by appointment, c-sison2@northwestern.edu) for themselves and/or may schedule a time for her to show their class how the rooms function.


  • Use and observe “IN USE” signs
    When in the hallway, please be aware of the “On Air” signs and adjust speaking levels accordingly.
  • Log out when done
    When you are finished with your reservation, please make sure that you have logged out of the computer and the “On Air” sign has been turned off.
  • Food and open beverages are prohibited
    Please do not consume any open drinks in the room. Food is prohibited in the Voice-Over Rooms.
  • Dispose of all trash
    Dispose of your trash in the receptacles provided. The rooms are cleaned regularly. Please report any spills, unusual trash, or incidents to staff in Kresge 2510.


  • Activity is recorded and monitored
    As with other areas of the Kresge building, access and activity of authorized users in the space may be recorded. Usage of the facilities and/or computers constitutes consent to such monitoring. In the event of violation of university policy or local law, evidence of such monitoring may be submitted to the appropriate University and/or law enforcement officials.