Policy for Kresge 2535 / Editing Suite


All authorized users must have a valid Northwestern Wildcard with a chip.
  • New Wildcards can be procured from the Wildcard Office in Norris
  • Faculty entering Northwestern in the Fall of 2016 and students in the class of 2020 (or younger) should already have chipped-Wildcards
  • If a user has an older version Wildcard and has never lost a wildcard in the past, the upgrade should be free. If a user has previously lost a Wildcard, the chipped card is $25

Access is granted by Millennium Group / Northwestern Lockshop, and potential student users must be submitted by a faculty member via a class list.
  • Please allow 3 business days for initial access to be processed
  • Faculty must inform the MMLC if any student drops the class so their access can be revoked
All users have 24 hour access to the rooms and will also have 24 hour access to Kresge Hall as a result.
The Student workers on duty in Kresge 2510 do not have authorization to let people into the rooms; access/usage is monitored by Wildcard.


Users may use one of the 3 stations on a first-come first-serve basis.
If there is no station available, during regular MMLC hours the computers in Kresge 2510 have the same software and can be used with no time limit.


Lab Aides in Kresge 2510 can help with basic troubleshooting and are available during the MMLC open hours.
Please do not remove the microphones headsets or apple boxes from room 2535.
Please report broken equipment immediately to the student workers at the desk in Kresge 2510 in person during regular hours or via email to mmlc-circ@northwestern.edu after hours.


There are 3 stations in this room, please play nicely with each other.
When in the hallway, please be aware of the “On Air” signs and adjust your speaking levels accordingly.
When you are finished with your reservation, please make sure that you have logged out of the computer and the “On Air” sign has been turned off.
Please do not consume any open drinks in the room.
Dispose of your trash in the receptacles provided. The rooms are cleaned regularly. Please report
any messes to the student workers in Kresge 2510.


As with other areas of the Kresge building, access and activity of authorized users in the space may be recorded. Usage of the facilities and/or computers constitutes consent to such monitoring. In the event of violation of university policy or local law, evidence of such monitoring may be submitted to the appropriate University and/or law enforcement officials.