RT) New MMLC social media channels!

The MMLC is finally on Facebook and Twitter!

A quick introduction first: I am on the MMLC student staff as the department’s first copywriter in more than 12 years. I write for the blog, but now I also manage the center’s social networking accounts. Back in high school, I wrote and designed for the yearbook, the literary magazine, and the MUN conference magazine. Aside from that, I was also a PR intern at a fashion company this past summer, so I learned a thing or two about getting the word out. I am a fan of tangible media—film, records, old books—and all tools of communication. I suppose this is why people mistake me for a journalism or communications student almost 80% of the time (I am in Weinberg and undecided). I am also a fan of EXO, and trust me, that is very relevant, and I will explain why.

A lot of people who know me personally will know that I dedicate a large portion of my life to EXO. A lot of those same people often shake their head whenever I shove my phone in their faces because I feel the need to make inarticulate noises over someone’s new hair color or whatnot. This is where everything becomes relevant: I find out about magazine features, news articles, what happened at Seoul Fashion Week, all within a couple hours thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I am a whole ocean away, but I am seeing, reading, and hearing things almost instantly thanks to the online community.

That is exactly what I want for the MMLC—immediate updates for everyone to see. I figured it’d be nice to communicate with the student body and faculty on more casual platforms on top of the MMLC newsletter and blog. We would tweet or post about relevant news articles, dates for upcoming events and workshops, while also linking to blog updates. We would be bringing all the relevant updates straight to everyone’s timelines and home pages, eliminating the intermediate step of having to open up the newsletter in your email or type in the MMLC blog address in a new tab and navigating from there. Instead of having to juggle multiple platforms in order to stay updated on what is going on in both your social life and around the MMLC, everything would be at your fingertips, ready to be retweeted, favorited, liked, and commented on like any other social media update.


Updated regularly, NU Knight Lab’s Twitter account is an example of what we hope to get going.


Similarly, we would share relevant news articles along with links to our blog posts and important updates concerning the MMLC.

By keeping up with us on Facebook and Twitter, sites you are probably more acquainted with, you would be in control of how you keep track of the information we provide you and how you communicate with us—whether that is by clicking “attending” on an event, retweeting news pieces you would like to read later, or favoriting a tutorial blog post that may come in handy some time. It’s not just about updating everyone in a timely fashion, but about mediating constant conversations and being within reach.


Michigan State University uses a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on what’s going on in the Media and Information department.


MSU creates Facebook events which students and faculty can easily RSVP to and get reminders for.

We promise we’ll be fun, informative, and active. Communication and feedback is crucial to us, so we hope to see you soon!