Upcoming events

Fall 2019 programming for faculty and graduate students:
Workshop: Accommodating Common Accommodations

  • Thursday, October 31, 10:00-12:00, 2524
  • Friday, November 1,  12:00-2:00, 2524
In this first session of a series on accessibility, we cover some of the most common affordances requested of Northwestern faculty (extra time, extended due dates, note-taking, and redundant learning materials. With these considerations in mind, we show you how to use and customize Canvas to address these specific needs.

(offered in conjunction with Northwestern IT Teaching and Learning Technologies)

Workshop: Making Course Content Accessible (Word and PDF docs)

  • Thursday, November 14, 12:00-2:00, 2524
  • Friday, November 15, 10:00-12:00, 2524
This workshop dives deeper into the some of the most frequently distributed types of course documents Microsoft Word files, PDFs, and electronic course packets. We demonstrate the steps necessary to improve the accessibility of these materials so that they are searchable, navigable, and have improved compatibility with screen readers.

(offered in conjunction with Northwestern IT Teaching and Learning Technologies)

Digital Humanities Drop-In Hours

  • November 20, 11am-2pm   Kaplan Seminar Room

Are you considering a digital humanities project? Not quite sure how to begin? Or perhaps you’ve started a project on your own, and you’re at a good place to talk through it with someone knowledgeable? Please join Matt Taylor (Media and Design Studio), Josh Honn (Digital Humanities Librarian), and John Ladd (Digital Humanities Postdoc) for a Digital Humanities (DH) lunchtime drop-in session this fall. Co-sponsored by the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, Media and Design Studio, and Northwestern Libraries.