The WCAS Multimedia Learning Center (MMLC) is the best place to work on campus. What is the MMLC? We're a significant technology hub in Weinberg College. Our faculty, staff, and student-employee team provides the expertise, facilities and resources to enable modern liberal arts education. The MMLC helps students and instructors push the envelope of multi-modal scholarship including online learning and online expression through digital narratives: video, web, games, and apps. For students, there are many opportunities to get involved with the MMLC. We have work-study jobs that can be anywhere along the work-study spectrum (from all study to all work). Please note that all positions are for Northwestern University undergraduates only.

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aka "Lab Aide 3"

  • Difficulty: 2/5 If you prefer to have a job that is closer to study-study than work-study, this job is for you!
  • Experience: 1/5 No experience necessary! We will train you on policies and easy technical things that are essential to know.
  • Requirements: Punctuality and a friendly attitude; Northwestern University undergraduates only

We're back! Multimedia Learning Center Lab Aide 3's will be the first to walk the halls of the newly built Kresge Hall! Lab Aide 3s check out equipment and assist with troubleshooting basic computer problems for Humanities students and faculty in our beautiful new lab space. Perks include flexible hours (including nights and weekends), a technologically hip environment, and plenty of downtime available for studying. Starting salary: $8.25/hour.

2-3 positions available Fall 2016. Must be an NU undergraduate student for the 2016-17 academic year.


aka "Lab Aide 4"

  • Difficulty: 4/5 In this job, most of the time you will be assigned design and/or programming tasks of varying difficulty. But there will be some downtime to learn new things.
  • Experience: 4/5 Candidates that have some experience with web design and/or programming are strongly preferred.
  • Requirements: Resume, technical interview, Northwestern University undergraduates only

Lab Aide 4 assists department staff with management of the Macintosh computer labs: installing software, troubleshooting hardware & software problems and with web development tasks: designing/coding web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript; creating/manipulating web graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

3-4 spots available


aka "Aide 1: Copywriter"

  • Difficulty: 3/5 If you like to write, there's plenty of things to say. But staying accurate requires a research and meticulous work.
  • Experience: 3/5 If you've got some experience writing: school newspaper, a blog -- even twitter, that's helpful!
  • Requirements: Writing sample (website) and/or writing sample (article) - can be spec or previous work, Northwestern University undergraduates only

Copywriter Aide assists with creating and proofing written and visual media for departmental communications that keep NU faculty up to date on emerging technology trends education.

Two spots available, 8-10 hours per week, project based assignments.

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  1. provides customer service and troubleshooting help


    helps create courseware and support apps


    helps perfect the MMLC's social media presence