Chad Davis

I’m the Digital Storyteller and Producer here at the Media and Design Studio. My role is to find narrative threads within the projects we create and tell broader stories behind the data, the research and the people involved in the process.

After graduating from Indiana University, I moved to Nashville, TN, where my career as an editor grew from freelance webmercials and music videos to full-on post-production and producing at Lonely Planet USA. After three years working in the southern valley, my wife and I decide to move up to the best city in the US—Chicago of course—where we now happily reside.

Years working as a film and video editor have informed me what to do in a project technically, creatively and narratively. Doing so shaped my own styles and developed my creative knowledge-base backwards as I’ve grown from editor to writer and now director.

I was invited to join the Studio as their interest in narrative storytelling has grown from their work in the digital humanities. My hope here is to help build and foster a film community that creates content recognizable on a national scale.

A tall order, I know. But I enjoy a good challenge.